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WELCOME to Paws-A-Tive Choice, LLC

Located in Union Grove, WI - 5 miles east of Waterford, WI

Registration for our Mid Summer Session of classes is now open. 

We apologize for the technical difficulties we are experiencing. We are in the process of developing a brand new website. Due to the on going issues we have been having with updating our website, we have been providing all updates on our Facebook page: 

You will be able to register for classes from the links provided on our Facebook page and from the links on the Class Schedule page.

Again, thank you for your patience. We sincerely apologize for the technical difficulties we have been experiencing.

Paws-A-Tive Choice, LLC is a positive place to train your dog and enjoy the bonding process as you learn to work together as a team - We're only 5 miles east of Waterford, Wisconsin.

Kathy and Turbo: NW1; NW1-V; NW2; NW3; NW3 -V: NW3 - C; NW3 - E; NTD; ITD; ATD (Photo by: Jolene Zimdars of Jo Z Photography)Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I’m Kathy Edstrom; a Master THIRD WAY Trainer and an active member in the National Association of Canine Nose Work. I work primarily with people who are looking for an enjoyable way to bond with their canine companion while teaching their dog good skills that will help them live harmoniously within their family.

I assist pet owners who have behavioral concerns with their dogs. I teach agility, K9 Nose Work; (I am a Certified Nose Work Instructor through the  National Association of Canine Scent Work.) I teach puppy classes and adult dog manners classes at my learning center in Union Grove, WI.

I am also a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner. To learn more about me go to About Kathy. To contact me for an appointment, send an email to:

This website is intended to be an educational source for individuals who are interested in learning about the many Photo by: Jolene Zimdars of Jo Z Photographyoptions that are available to assist with working through pet behavioral problems.

Be happy, be well and be pawsative.


P.S. I am delighted that so many people are enjoying the information on my website. I am happy to grant permission to individuals and non-profit organizations to reproduce and share this information with others. All reproduced material must be provided at no charge and it must be duly noted on every copy that the information is provided by Paws-A-Tive Choice, LLC. Thank you.


Member of the National Association of Canine Scent Work; Certified Nose Work Instructor





American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator # 49779





 Professional Member of Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin