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Abby - Client Testimonial

I am convinced that the flower essences have helped Abby. We got her from her trainer who had Abby, because the original owners felt that they could not deal with her, due to the mess she made while they were away (defecating and urinating).


We believe Abby has severe separation anxiety. Her trainer did not see this, we believe, because she had other dogs that were with Abby, so she never saw this behavior. When we took Abby, her old actions started up again. We even video recorded her to get a better idea of what was going on. It was very sad to see the state she would get herself into, and getting another dog was not an option.

Kathy Edstrom's name was given to us by Abby's trainer. I called Kathy because when I came home one day, Abby was laying, almost in shock, just shaking, her eyes very dilated. Had I not been so desperate, I probably would never have called, but we had tried so many different "behavioral" changes with her trainer, and nothing seemed to be working.

The flower essences have made an unbelievable difference. Abby is still very fearful, and does not like to be left alone, but she is dealing with it. No more of the shock, house-soiling, or continual howling. I have to attribute it to the essences. When we ran out, we thought we would see how she would do without them. Well, within a week, Abby was exhibiting her old behaviors, and the urinating and defecating started again. Needless to say, we got her back on the essences as soon as possible. We have decided that this dog, who is so great in every other way, is well worth the investment.

Thank you so much Kathy for helping Abby, and for making it possible to leave our house!


Lori Boettcher

Lori Boettcher and Abby - Delafield, WI