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Dakota - Client Testimonial

Dakota was rescued at about 8 weeks of age after being left in a barn with the rest of her litter. She was malnourished and had been attacked by her siblings. Dakota was very dog aggressive and I had tried two other training facilities with no luck at accomplishing anything because she just barked and would not listen.

Paws-A-Tive Choice was my last hope. Kathy's experience with German shepherds and her kind, soft mannerisms worked wonders. Not only was Dakota trainable in obedience, but she went on to doing agility training. I was able to have Dakota off her leash in the arena with other dogs. This is something that I thought would never happen.

We have since been able to get a second dog and Kathy has been wonderful in helping the two dogs live in harmony together. I never ever thought that Dakota would be able to exist around other dogs more or less have another dog in the house. She is complemented all the time on how well she walks and does not bother other dogs when they walk past. I never imagined a peaceful walk.

Kathy's work with Dakota changed our lives as much as it did Dakota's. She is now a confident family dog. I owe it all to Kathy and her patience and hard work with us. Thank you does not say enough.

Daun Boll and Dakota - Waterford, WI