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Hamilton - Client Testimonial

My husband, myself and our monster (Hamilton) a 3 year old Bouvier des Flanders just completed our Agility Fun 101 class. What a fun experience for the entire family! It was so much fun, we forgot we were there for class and training!!!

It speaks volumes when your training makes the class so enjoyable, yet so informative. Kathy does an outstanding job working with every type of behavior "asset" a dog or handler may have.

Hamilton seemed to always know where we were going when we turned down the road. His head perked up and he got very excited.

The equipment is "top notch", the surroundings safe and the atmosphere sooooo positive.

Hamilton and I just moved into Agility Fun 201.

If you're considering wanting to extend that bond you have with your dog, I would suggest Agility Fun 101...What a blast!

See you on the course!

Mike, Flora and the Ham - Lakeway, TX