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Monney - Client Testimonial

For a long time, Monney has had a problem with thunder and lightning. He runs around the house. If we go out and pen him in the kitchen, he breaks out and urinates on the carpet. He is a 12 year-old Keeshond with kidney and liver problems, and is on a special diet to help his problems.


I needed to correct his behavior, but couldn't give him any medicine that would aggravate his problems. After several months on a flower essence blend, he is much better when it rains, and his behavior is acceptable, and keeps improving.

We decided to move to Florida for the winter. Traveling to Florida in the car, he used to be very nervous and would jump from all the noises. To our surprise, the dog only barked some when we drove through a city. I got some sleeping pills for Monney, but didn't have to use them. I am glad I could do something for my pal to make his life more enjoyable. Thank you, Kathy.

Leon Weitzel and Monney - Painesville, OH (summer residence) Fort Myers, FL (winter residence)

Note from Paws-A-Tive Choice: Monney passed away in June 2003 due to age-related health complications. He will be missed by his companions, Leon and Nancy as well as those Monney touched by his loveable and affectionate nature.