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Munchkin - Client Testimonial

Kathy Edstrom made a very definitive and positive effect on our Greyhound, Munchkin. She came to us from the Dubuque, Iowa race track and had been bounced back twice because of severe anxiety and fear issues.

With the help of flower essences and Healing Touch for AnimalsTM from Kathy, over the period of a couple of years, Munchie has become more accustomed to meeting new people (though she is still very cautious), but at least she feels comfortable enough to be in the same room with guests and occasionally comes to sniff and greet them. She is a wonderful girl and gives us so much pleasure. I am so grateful that at least she is not stressing over people coming into the house and we can all relax and enjoy our company.

Thank you, Kathy. You are a true friend to our dear animal companions. I would highly recommend you and your knowledge to anyone who has an issue with their beloved animal friend.

Mary Ellen Klotz and Munchkin ("Munchie") - Waterford,  WI