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Summer is in Full Swing!

Hi, Friends -

Summer is in full swing! Time continues to go by much too quickly. I can't believe it's been two months since I was able to post here.

The NACSW sanctioned ORT (Odor Recognition Test) I judged in New Berlin, WI was a lot of fun! I so enjoy judging these tests. Out of 97 dogs, 88 dogs passed their tests. This was a wonderful pass rate!

I had the opportunity to trial with my German shepherd, Turbo at a NACSW sanctioned NW3 trial in Crystal Lake, IL at the McHenry Community College on June 18, 2017. It was a fantastic day! We earned our NW3 title along with our NW3 element titles in Exterior, Vehicle and Container searches. We would have earned our Interior element title and our NW3 elite title, except the first two NW3 trials we were in, we missed ONE interior hide in both trials.

In our very first NW3 trial, I literally forgot a hallway was part of the search area and held my dog in the main room. I was soooo nervous! Had I allowed Turbo to be off leash and go into the hallway, he would have found that second hide and we would have titled at our first trial. My error!! I could have kicked myself!

The wonderful judge tracked me down after the trial to say how great of a dog Turbo was and he was totally bummed that I forgot the hallway was part of the search area. He was convinced Turbo would have found that second hide and we would have titled at our first NW3 trial. What a lesson for me!

The second NW3 trial we got into, we were the first dog on the line. Sadly, we again missed one hide and it was in the third interior room. The judge was standing right next to the odor. Turbo tried working it, but the judge didn't move, so Turbo backed off. I had no idea that was where the odor was until later that day when the CO spoke about all the hide placements. What a disappointment! But I learned a lot about that and used that as a training exercise in my advanced classes. I stood next to the hide and did not move. I had the dogs work around me. It was good observation skills for the handlers to watch their dogs work around blocked odor.

As the old saying goes, "third one's a charm" and it was! With every trial I am in and I volunteer at, I can see how dogs work odor and what the handler needs to do for the dog to be successful. I certainly learn a lot about my own handling. Practice! Practice! Practice!

I love K9 Nose Work and have so much fun training my own dog in it. I have a blast working with my students and now they are starting to compete.

Speaking of: Congratulations to Ginger Blossom and her Belgian shepherd, Emmie! They earned their NW2 title in Crystal Lake, IL on June 17, 2017

Rebecca Marschner and her German shepherd, Knox passed all 3 of their Odor Recognition Tests on June 11, 2017 in New Berlin, WI.

Sandee Stuczynski and her Border collie, Star passed all 3 of their Odor Recognition Tests on June 11, 2017 in New Berlin, WI.

More K9 Nose Work trials are coming up, as well as Agility and Rally Obedience trials. I will be sure to post notes of "congratulations" for my students' achievements.

In honor of celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of Paws-A-Tive Choice, LLC, we have been doing weekly drawings for the past month. Students and volunteers all had their names in for the drawings.

Dr. Linda Axnick from our Puppy Love-Beginner Puppy Program won a gift bag full of goodies.

Nicole Kazin from our Agility Fun 401 class won a $20 gift certificate.

Tami Werra from our Agility Fun 301 and K9 Scent Work-Fun 501 class won a gift bag full of goodies.

Cala Ludtke from our Puppy Love Too-Advanced Puppy Program won a $30 gift certificate.

Just a way to thank folks for choosing Paws-A-Tive Choice, LLC for their dog training fun.

Friendly reminder: The Summer Session of classes is NOW OPEN for enrollment Classes begin the week of July 16, 2017.

Here's to lots more training fun this summer!



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