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Ann, Roy and Thuddy - Client Testimonial

My experience with flower essences have been incredible. I have a Boston terrier and a Domestic short hair cat that were very fearful of thunder and lightning. They would start to show signs of fear hours before a storm would hit the area. I wanted to try something less hard on my animals. Vets suggested Valium. I really didn't want to sedate my critters, as that would not really help the problem in the long run.

Flower essences appeared to be the least invasive type of remedy with some very powerful results. We started Roy (Boston terrier) and Thuddy (cat) on flower essences in 1998. Within a week we were so impressed with the results. Thuddy was no longer glued to the back of the toilet, and Roy did not stand on our chests all night. It did take a few months before their fear was totally gone. The steps were slow and well worth it. With each coming storm, we saw a huge difference in both animals. They have both been receiving flower essences for a few years now as a preventative maintenance program, and have been fear-free for a long time. It amazes me to see the difference.

We recently started our rescue dog, Ann who is also a Boston terrier, on flower essences for stress, anxiety, depression, and fear of being left alone. She came to live with us after her elderly owner passed away. Ann was bounced from home to home before she came to stay with us. She had many issues to deal with. She also started licking her leg as a stress reliever. Ann started on the flower essences on 2/15/01. We have seen improvement with her. Part of Ann's treatment does include myself, and the level of stress I have with other family members. She reads me far too well, and I must also be in tune to this to help Ann remain calm, and feel safe.

Deb Chvilicek, Ann,Roy and Thuddy- Oak Creek, WI