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Heidi - Client Testimonial

Heidi, my Shiloh shepherd, grew up with many problems among which were fear of thunderstorms and rain, and the inability to eat her meals due to anxiety. To make a long story short, Kathy's flower essences have helped both problems, as well as others.

Heidi is no longer afraid to go outside in the rain; no longer huddles, shaking in a crate; and will even eat now during a heavy rainstorm, something that was unheard of before. She had been stuck on a vicious cycle of not eating, throwing up bile because her stomach was empty, then not being able to eat because the bile burned her throat. She now eats every meal, and very rarely throws up. The essences have made her a much happier and healthier girl! Thanks Kathy!!!

Laura Blanz and Heidi - Clarksville, TN