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Riggs, Jaz, Oakley and Kimber - Client Testimonial

JazI own two German shepherds and three horses. My shepherd, Riggs, used to get nervous and anxious during thunderstorms. Kathy told me about flower essences and I decided to try them with Riggs. They have made a tremendous difference with him. They have cut the nervousness and anxiousness more than half. He now handles thunderstorms very well.



Kathy does Healing Touch for Animals® on my horses. My older gelding, Jaz, just melts when Kathy does HTA on him.

My 8 year-old mare, Oakley, is a little spirited and when Kathy does HTA on her, she calms down. At one point Kathy practically had her sleeping. Kathy taught me the Bridging Technique which I do on Oakley often times before I ride. It really helps her to relax.

My 1 year-old filly, Kimber really enjoys the Bridging Technique. It helps her to settle down and lets her focus on what we are doing. Kimber had Healing Touch for AnimalsTMdone on her when she was 6 days-old. I really believe that this has helped her to be more acceptable to learning new things. She takes things in stride easier than another filly I know.

Kimber at 6 days-old

Amy Fulton and Riggs, Jaz, Oakley and Kimber - Dousman, WI