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Phoebe - Client Testimonial

If anyone would have told me a few years ago I would have a dog, let alone participate in agility training, I would have just laughed. Phoebe is my very first dog and I started agility training as a way to spend more quality time with her. She has a lot of energy and is extremely playful. Given that I don’t get to see her often enough, due to my job, this has been the perfect opportunity for us to bond. As well as allow her a fun way to channel all that energy. Since we started training, we have both become very close.

Kathy’s approach is hands on and very nurturing. She is observant and provides effective tools and techniques to improve behavior for the handlers and dogs to allow positive habits to form. Taking the time to learn proper handling skills and the agility equipment with a slow and steady approach has really made all the difference in burning in Phoebe’s confidence as well as mine. My pup is now flying through the agility equipment with ease and often ready to take on the next piece of equipment before I am. While Phoebe and I still have much to learn, we’re now moving through the course like an amusing well oiled machine!

Phoebe and I enjoy the camaraderie we’ve found with our Phoebe tries out the brand new all-aluminum A-frame at Paws-A-Tive Choicenew friends in class. It’s a great group of pups and parents. Everyone is ready with an enthusiastic cheer as each dog and handler team completes an agility exercise.

You get so much more than agility training when working with Kathy and especially for someone with minimal experience with dogs like me, that’s a big bonus. Kathy couldn’t have picked a better name for her business because I know I’ve made a positive choice. Phoebe and I look forward to continuing our training with Kathy and her professionally caring hands.

Allison Verstappen and Phoebe - Dripping Springs, TX