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Scout - In Memory of Our Canine Friend


We adopted a puppy from a rescue group (From the Heart) at PetsMart in August, 2008. He had really big ears that stood straight up, and a smooth buff-colored coat. He seemed to have a sweet, calm nature.


We named him Scout. He was about 3 months old. The only information they had about his background was that he had been given to a little girl who was later diagnosed with cancer. Her family could not keep him because they had to spend a lot of time at the hospital with their daughter. That’s why he ended up with the rescue group.


Scout got along great with our two cats, and he didn’t seem to have any bad habits – except chewing up his bed(s) and getting the patio doors dirty by sticking his nose against them all the time. He loved other dogs. He never growled or showed any aggression toward a dog, animal, or person. He wasn’t afraid of anything. We had never had a dog like this before and we talked a lot about what breed of dog he might be. We decided he was part Basenji because of his looks and other characteristics.


By early 2009, Scout was 9 months old and had gained 15 pounds. He was growing into a beautiful, healthy, loving dog. He had completed two levels of obedience training in which he caught on quickly to the commands. He was so smart, we wanted to keep challenging him with new things.


So when a friend called to tell us a dog trainer was setting up an agility training program in our area, we were excited. After talking with the trainer by phone, we signed up for the first series of classes offered. Scout was a natural for this sport. He enjoyed the physical challenge, the camaraderie with the other dogs, and interacting with the trainer, Kathy.

Kathy really made the classes fun. We all cheered for each other’s dogs, as they got better and better at following the commands and clearing the obstacles. We both learned a lot. Scout “graduated” from the first level class and we signed up for the second level.

Sadly, Scout did not complete the second series of classes. On Friday, July 17th, he died very suddenly due to an allergic reaction to a sting. He was only 14 months old. Although we were with Scout when he died, we didn't see what had stung him. Our vet said it was most likely a wasp or a scorpion. When this happens, if the dog is allergic, it will go into anaphylactic shock and die within 10-15 minutes.


Our vet, Matt Schussler told us that it may help to administer children's liquid Benedryl, with a syringe. But it would have to be within a few minutes of the bite or sting.


On a dog/medical website, it states that only a shot of epinephrine can stop the allergic-shock reaction. This site stated that your vet can give you a one-dose (epi-pen) if your dog has an allergic reaction before.


We still are not over the shock and sadness of losing Scout, but we have lots of wonderful memories of him. We will never forget him: the best dog we ever had.


Carol McDaniel and Scout - Spicewood, TX


Note from Kathy of Paws-A-Tive Choice: I was stunned when Carol contacted me to tell me of the passing of her beloved canine companion, Scout. I couldn't believe that darling dog who had so much energy and enthusiasm was gone.


I always called Scout, "Guy Smiley" because he truly was the most smiley dog I'd seen. He always appeared to have a big smile on his face and when he'd perform an exercise in class and we all cheered, it was as if he were grinning from ear to ear. He seemed to be so proud of himself.


Carol and Scout were a joy to have in class. I will miss working with them and I will miss seeing Scout's adorable, "smiling" face in class. He will be missed by many. I thank Carol for sharing Scout with me. He was a very smart dog that took to the sport of agility naturally. I'm sure had he been given the chance, he would have excelled in agility. I'd like to envision him now at The Rainbow Bridge doing all the things he loved. Sleep well our furry friend. You will not be forgotten.