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Shop Talk - Client Testimonials

  • Chaos

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    Chaos used no pain medications for surgery or recovery, only complete love and Healing Touch for Animals®.

  • Heidi

    Flower essences have helped Heidi with her fear of thunderstorms, and the inability to eat her meals due to anxiety.

  • Ann, Roy and Thuddy

    Flower essences appeared to be the least invasive type of remedy with some very powerful results for my Boston terriers and Domestic short hair cat.

  • Riggs, Jaz, Oakley and Kimber

    Healing Touch for Animals® helps a 6 day-old filly be more acceptable to learning new things.

  • Rusty

    Flower essences and Healing Touch for Animals® both gave my dog relief from his anxiety so that all his good qualities could develop, instead of the negative ones.

  • Monney

    After several months of Monney receiving a flower essence blend, he is much better when it rains, and his behavior is acceptable and keeps improving.

  • Abby

    I am convinced that the flower essences have helped Abby.

  • Niki

    Niki has been on flower essences for about 8 months and they have helped immensely!

  • Angel and Maggie

    I found out about Kathy Edstrom from an article in The Whole Dog Journal about thunder phobia in dogs... After a month or so of four drops of flower essences, four times a day, people began commenting that Angel seemed to be more confident and things didn't scare him as much.

  • Monkey

    I met a man with another Tervuren at an agility trial...In the course of talking about our dogs he mentioned his dog was on flower essence therapy. He glowingly spoke of the success he had in managing his dog's fear of thunderstorms and fireworks...I felt floral essences could be a good way to support Monkey's therapy. I got some info from him, tracked Kathy down through the Internet and set up a consultation. Kathy listened to me closely and created a formula specifically for Monkey.

  • Gracie

    I found her (Kathy's) encouragement, reminders to keep training fun and positive attitude helpful and just what I needed. And, Gracie loved going to class!

  • Munchkin

    With the help of flower essences and Healing Touch for AnimalsTM from Kathy, over the period of a couple of years, Munchie has become more accustomed to meeting new people (though she is still very cautious), but at least she feels comfortable enough to be in the same room with guests and occasionally comes to sniff and greet them.

  • Dakota

    Paws-A-Tive Choice was my last hope. Kathy's experience with German shepherds and her kind, soft mannerisms worked wonders.

  • Phoebe

    Kathy’s approach is hands on and very nurturing. She is observant and provides effective tools and techniques to improve behavior for the handlers and dogs to allow positive habits to form.

  • Scout

    Kathy really made the classes fun. We all cheered for each other’s dogs, as they got better and better at following the commands and clearing the obstacles. We both learned a lot.

  • Hamilton

    Kathy does an outstanding job working with every type of behavior "asset" a dog or handler may have.