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Chaos - Client Testimonial

I met Kathy Edstrom in June of 2001. I had contacted her prior to my 4 year-old Australian Shepherd, Chaos, cruciate repair surgery. I knew that with my companion's zealous energy level, her recovery would be difficult. I approached Kathy for her skill in Healing Touch for Animals® to hopefully make my dog's recuperation as smooth as possible.

Kathy proved to be a wonderful choice. We met shortly after the surgery. Kathy worked to balance my dog's energy field to aid in the healing process. We certainly have had some rough moments on the road to recovery, but Kathy has made those areas more bearable by working with Chaos and myself. Kathy taught me some skills that I could use at home and she stayed in contact with our progress between visits. She fully understood that I was a part of the recovery process and was also concerned about me (especially during those rough moments).

I had never tried an approach like this to help one of my dogs, but obviously Chaos could only respond in an honest manner. If Kathy was not making a difference, I would see that. If she was making a difference, I would also see that effect. Kathy amazed me with her patience with such a wiggly dog, but she also assured me that with successive Healing Touch for Animals® sessions, my dog would settle in more quickly. Of course, she was correct and my dog learned to anticipate Kathy's kind touch. As Kathy would work above her body, Chaos would jump up, quite confused by the sensations of the energy work. I witnessed my highly excitable, canine friend volunteer to calmly lay and let Kathy work in her energy field. It obviously soothed her and relaxed her. For days after her session, Chaos appeared to be less sore on her knee.

Chaos used no pain medications for the surgery or recovery, only complete love and Kathy's Healing Touch gift. I feel that I have a marvelous dog that will hopefully completely recover from this trauma. That will be due to skilled veterinarians and Kathy Edstrom's Healing Touch.

Alice D. Applin and Chaos - Racine, WI